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Strategic action in these sectors promotes economic development, builds healthier communities, strengthens energy independence, and supports climate protection.

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LEED Cost Studies

(Links to all studies located at: , click “Resources, Green Building Research, Research and Publications)

The Cost of Green Revisited, Davis Langdon; 2007
The Cost of Green Revisited, an extension of the 2004 Costing Green report, shows that many projects are achieving LEED within their budgets and in the same cost range as non-LEED projects.

Costing Green, Davis Langdon; 2004
Based on an in-depth study of the cost of sustainable buildings, this report concludes that there is no significant difference in the construction costs for LEED versus non-LEED buildings.

The Costs and Financial Benefits of Green Buildings
This October 2003 report to California's Sustainable Building Task Force includes LEED building analysis.

Greening America's Schools: Costs and Benefits
This report, prepared by Capital E, compares the financial costs and benefits of green schools and conventional schools.

GSA LEED Cost Study
The U.S. General Services Administration commissioned this report to estimate soft and hard costs for developing green federal facilities.

Health and Productivity Gains from Better Indoor Environments and their Relationship with Building Energy Efficiency, Fisk; 2000


Making the Case for Green Buildings

Building Green Archives, various videos

Green Building marketing Studies (links to multiple studies)



Healthy Schools Campaign -

Green Building Case Studies

Virtually Green: Green Building Tour System -

Greener Buildings –


Green Line Paper -

Green Seal - “Choose Green Reports” on topics from paper, to cleaning supplies, to car tires.

EPA Procurement Guidelines -

Architecture 2030 -

Fantastic images showing rising sea levels, effects of coal, locations of Katrina Hurricane evacuees, great resource for putting together presentations on climate change.

Energy Pulse Survey

90% do not know that buildings are greatest source of emissions

66% do not know that coal is our primary fuel for electricity production (Read press releases. Full report for purchase.)

Mayor’s Climate Protection Center A best practices guide for cities can be downloaded here.


Ray Anderson – Owner of Interface Carpet, on how he and Interface carpet faced and embraced the goal of sustainability (10 minutes) Intense, compelling business argument

Story of Stuff: From its extraction through sale, use and disposal, all the stuff in our lives affects communities at home and abroad, yet most of this is hidden from view. (20 minutes)

High Performance Buildings: Perspectives and Practice

Now is the time to powerfully communicate the business case for green building. Rocky Mountain Institute and the U.S. Green Building Council have partnered to produce a succinct 29-minute film featuring over 12 LEED projects, as well as interviews with CEOs, school administrators, government officials, building managers, and many others who are realizing the real benefits of going green.

Green Buildings: Making the Case

Owners of green buildings in Pennsylvania talk about why they’ve gone green. Includes Penn. Turnpike, schools, office buildings, convention center… 16 minutes.


Calculate your carbon footprint

Recalculate by changing one or two factors. Commit to changing those factors.

Bike or walk to work or for an errand and report back on your experience.

How did it feel? Where there obstacles? Would you do it again, why or why not?

Use the “Walkability Checklist”

can apply to bike trip too. Report your findings to your councilwoman, Martha Norbeck

Take the “Nature Challenge


Energy Design Resources -

Range of energy design tools, descriptions and resources divided into: design practice, technologies, building types, software and training. Funded by California utility customers.

Whole Building Design Guide -

Whole building design techniques and technologies – extensive articles and links on wide range of topics.

Iowa Energy Center –

Solar and wind energy calculators for estimating renewable energy production in IA.

Southface -

Fact sheets on variety of green building topics

Daylighting Collaborative -

Tools and design recommendations for daylighting

Sun Angle Calculator -


Environmental Building News -

Database of case studies, materials, researched articles

Green Building Source Book -

Green builder sourcebook, bookstore, real estate, green professionals directory

Healthy Building Network -

Articles on indoor air quality and materials which affect IAQ.

Green Guard –

Certification program for low emitting interior products.

Green Seal -

“Choose Green Reports” on paints and finishes, lists chemicals to watch out for

Energystar -

US Government standards for, and listings of, energy efficient homes and products.

Green Building Supply –

Extensive information about available green building materials.


Green Building Certification Institute -

Register for exam, exam guidelines

Study Materials

Green Exam Prep -

Professional Publications, Inc.


“The Green Book: the everyday guide to saving the planet, one simple step at a time.” Elizabeth Rogers and Thomas M. Kostigen.

“Squeaky Green: the method guide to detoxing your home.” Erik Ryan and Adam Lowry

“Green from the Ground Up: Sustainable, Healthy, and Energy-Efficient Home Construction.” David Johnson & Scott Gibson.

“Rain Gardens: Manageming water sustainably in the garden and designed landscape” Nigel Dunnett and Andy Clayden

Publishers of Green Books

Ecotone Publishing -

New Society Publishers -

Island Press -



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