C-Wise specializes in assisting projects to achieve green building certification under the LEED certification program. LEED can be an effective tool for engaging all parties in conversation sustainability. It helps the team track their progress and assists with accountability. The value of LEED to a project is commensurate to the team's commitment to sustainability. C-Wise strives to bring measurable and verifiable value to every project.


C-Wise also provides green design services for residential and small commercial remodel projects.



The LEED-NC (New Construction) checklist is comprised of 110 points and 8 prerequisites. The 8 prerequisites MUST be met to achieve certification. They do not count towards the point count. The levels of certification are:

  • Certified 40-49 pts.
  • Silver 50-59 pts.
  • Gold 60-79 pts.
  • Platinum 80+ pts.

The heart of the LEED Green Building Rating System is its checklist. The owner and design team should go through the checklist early in the project to check off which points the project thinks it can reasonably achieve.

LEED certification requires attention in the following areas:

  • Integration of LEED into the design process
  • Project Registration
  • Incorporation of LEED into the construction documents
  • Oversight of LEED compliance during construction
  • Documentation of LEED compliance via on-line templates, drawings, spreadsheets
  • Project Certification, submission of documentation and response to incomplete or audited points

LEED compliance should be reassessed throughout the project. Ideally, a single person oversees that LEED is being incorporated throughout the design and construction of the project. However, LEED is most successful when the whole team knows what goals are being pursued and how. This integration keeps design and construction overhead low, because time isn’t lost in last minute revisions or construction changes.

The role of the LEED Consultant will vary according to the knowledge level and experience of the project team. With a very experienced team, the Consultant may simply check in with the team a few times during design and construction and complete the paperwork for certification. On the opposite end, the Consultant may provide a lot of education and assistance to the team members during design and construction.

C-Wise Consulting seeks to anticipate the level of service that will be needed by the project team and customizes its services accordingly. We seek to educate the team as much as they are willing to listen, with the goal of making LEED part of common building practices.

C-Wise Consulting does not currently provide Energy Modeling or Commissioning Services. These are specialized skills that require extensive experience with heating, ventilation, electrical and plumbing systems. We have worked with many skilled modelers and Commissioning Agents and would be happy to assist the owner in securing these services.

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